Bossy Granny: The Things They Say

I’ve just returned from a lovely few days in Norfolk with my son and my two delightful grandsons. I don’t get to see them as often as the two that live nearer to me, so time with them is even more precious. I just love the things they come out with – Oliver, who has just turned 7, is at the stage of asking a lot of questions. Often they are interesting and good questions, but sometimes you just wonder how their mind works – ‘Dad have you ever eaten a live tarantula?’. Matilda, aged 4, on the other hand, asked her mum a rather different question – ‘Mummy, when I get married would you like to come or just watch me on TV?’. I’m assuming the royal wedding had everything to do with that question! We all now take lots of photos of our children growing up, but we should really keep a record of the things they say, and how old they were when they said them – it would be lovely to look back on.

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