Bossy Granny: The Village Fete

We have just recovered from helping to run the annual village fete. We are lucky enough to live in a wonderful little community, so love to get involved. There was all the usual lovely stuff like coconut shies, face painting, bouncy castles, and tea tents, and my other half helps run the duck race, and I help run the dog show. The hot weather, although wonderful, made the dog show a bit hurried, as we had to tell the judge to make quick decisions about who had the waggiest tail etc so that we didn’t leave them hanging around in the heat for too long. Charlotte had a babygiftbundle stall, and it did really well selling clothing and promoting the bundle concept. It was lovely to get such great feedback on our unique and personal baby gift idea. We rather like the idea of doing a few more of local village fetes, although I don’t think though that Charlotte will be entering her much doted upon old dog ‘Lilly’ in any more dog shows – she came second in the veteran dog class … out of two!!

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