Bossy Granny: Random Acts of Kindness

Recently readers wrote in to the Telegraph about random acts of kindness from total strangers given to them whilst they were on holiday. Some of them were truly astonishing and uplifting to read. I was also the fortunate recipient of kindness recently when a lady who I did not know went several miles out of her way to give me a lift. She told me she enjoyed doing things like that, and I subsequently learnt that she regularly helps people. I also have read that it is a natural human thing to want to help others and that most of us would.

I had several opportunities to help others recently, (all of whom were very appreciative) and by the end of the week I was positively oozing kindness! It felt good and it made me very very happy.

Do we do it because it makes us feel good, or that we believe, as I like to, that such good deeds will ‘come back on us’ sometime? I don’t know, but either way it’s wonderful to be either the recipient or the giver of kindness.

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