Bossy Granny: Proud Granny

I think that there is nothing more nauseating than having to listen to parents/grandparents boasting about their little darlings’ achievements. If you also are one of those people, stop reading now.

As gross as it may be to hear, I just can’t help be so proud of my grandchildren. Matilda, for example, at four and a half years old, is the only nursery child in her school to have ever been put onto their gifted and talented register. She is completely living up her to name (referring here of course to our old family favourite film, ‘Matilda’) – she has a reading age of 7/8 and apparently is often asked by her class mates to read them a story! They sit down around her whilst she reads to them, remembering to show them the pictures just like teacher! Slightly patronising, but very cute.

The boys, Oli and George, meanwhile, are loving their sports! Oli is obsessed with his gymnastics and now trains a couple of times a week with a special development squad – he’s living his Aunty Charlotte’s dream! George won the sports trophy this year, and is one of only two boys from the school to go on a gifted and talented football training day organised by Stoke City. So as he’s obviously now going to be a famous and very rich footballer, I’ve asked him if he’ll buy me first class round the world tickets… if I’m not too old and decrepit by then!

We are yet to see what little Harry will grow to love and triumph at! At the moment, his talents are eating and being extremely cute.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. And apologies.

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