Bossy Granny: Pen Pals

Matilda, my 4 year old granddaughter, was watching her Mummy opening the post and asked why she didn’t get any letters. Helen, not wanting to disappoint her by saying that people hardly write letters any more, told her that perhaps it was because people didn’t realise that she could read, and that if she wrote some letters she might get some back.

I was assigned the pleasurable task of taking her shopping for a letter writing kit. I was surprised when she turned down the pretty notelet sets with matching envelopes, instead insisting on a plain writing pad and envelopes. She was also allowed a book of blue stamps.

She then apparently thoroughly enjoyed writing lots of letters, of which I was one of the lucky recipients – she had even signed it off as from ‘pen pal’. How cute! What’s happened to pen pals? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could get our children to have pen pals like we used to, especially ones from different countries.

The first to reply was from her Aunty Charlotte, who was also so excited to receive a letter that wasn’t a bill, that she drove straight to the post office to send her reply! Matilda’s excitement was through the roof when she realised she had a letter through the post. I hope she gets many more, she certainly will from me.

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