Bossy Granny: Long Time No Blog

As you can see I’ve not blogged for a while. One reason is, as I’ve previously mentioned, I fail to understand who is going to be interested in what I have to say. I suggested to other family members that perhaps they could also contribute to the blog, that idea went down like a lead balloon. The other reason is that Charlotte had something far more interesting to tell you, so I absolutely refused to blog until she told you all what lovely event had happened to her recently… this also went down like a lead balloon! She doesn’t like talking about herself, so I suppose I will have to do it for her!! Joe whisked her off at two days notice to gorgeous Costa Rica – she didn’t even know the destination until they got to the airport. He had organised lots of exciting trips and adventures whilst they were there, and had for part of it rented a 5 star villa overlooking the ocean with an infinity pool. He hired a private chef on the night who was in on the secret, and between courses Joe asked him to take photos of them by the pool in the sunset. He then proposed, and it was all caught on camera, so go on Charlotte post the picture. So now it’s an exciting search for a beach wedding venue in Europe somewhere. Happy days!

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