Bossy Granny: Let It Snow

Well last week was certainly a week to remember wasn’t it? A nightmare for some, fun for others. We are lucky that we no longer have to go to work, so we took heed of the forecast, made sure that we had everything we needed, lit the fires, and battened down the hatches. We felt very sorry for people trapped in their cars (and trains) for hours, but couldn’t help but wonder how many of those drivers had listened to the advice not to travel unless absolutely necessary. It brought out the good in a lot of people, including in our village, everyone helping each other, and putting out offers of help on our wonderful village Facebook. I’m just glad that I no longer live on the farm at nearly 1100 feet as Charlotte does, looking after all of the horses with no staff and a frozen water system. I really appreciate basking in the comparatively tropical climate of lowland Cheshire. I did feel rather sorry for her up there especially when their electricity went off! Her reply when I suggested that they relax after their long day with monopoly by candlelight is not printable!