Bossy Granny Gets Another Dog

We had only been three months without a dog, but despite the advantages I have previously mentioned, we couldn’t stand being dog-less any longer! After much searching through various rescues, (we would never consider anything else), we finally chose a 6 month old Dogue Bordeaux pup from our local rescue centre. She had been the runt of a litter of 14 and had been handed in to the rescue after the usual story of a family buying a cute pup and then later realising they couldn’t cope, especially with the house training. She had never been lead walked or socialised and was a nervous quivering wreck. We would never normally have chosen a pedigree (too many breed problems) and certainly not a dog with a squashed wrinkled face because of all their breathing problems, but luckily her face is not too squashed at all! I could be a total bore and could write pages about her, but I might just drop the odd line in about her progress in future blogs. We’ve called her Nancy, and we love her.

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