Bossy Granny: A Newsworthy New Year’s Eve

I know its gone way past New Year’s Eve, but ours was newsworthy!
My husband had had back pain/sciatica for a few months, but despite being given stronger painkillers it became much worse over Christmas. If we had used common sense or googles the symptoms, we would have realised that, New Year’s Eve or not, that numbness and difficulty going to the loo is serious. He was given the full blue light treatment when he was transferred from our local hospital to another hospital, where he was operated on within hours. The NHS at it’s best.
Meanwhile, my eldest daughter and her husband, a professional eventer, had gone to the Liverpool arena to watch the New Year’s Eve horse show. Luckily, they had not parked their cars in the multi-storey, but they watched from a nearby bar in disbelief as the fire took hold. They didn’t answer their phones for what seemed like an age whilst we worriedly tried to contact them as the story unfolded on the news. In the early stages we weren’t sure if it was terrorist related. It seemed that 1400 cars were destroyed because a faulty engine on a Land Rover caught fire. Thankfully there was no harm to man nor beasts. They came home with a film of New Year’s Eve fireworks with a difference!